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Who is Blind Treasures?

Blind Treasures is a small home based business who specializes in offering their merchandise via an email list called the Treasure Scroll.

How long have you been in business?

Blind Treasures is proud to announce that we have been in business for over 10 years-- providing unique merchandise at extreme value to our customers. Focusing on the blind community as we realize how difficult shopping can be for the sight impaired.

How many employees do you have?

Only me, myself, and I! Although I wouldn't consider my Queen an employee, she helps out too as she loves to sort and label all of your treasures.

What is the Treasure Scroll Mailing List?

The treasure Scroll is similar to a email retail catalog which is sent out on a daily basis. Presently,there are over 400 subscribers. Members can purchase any of the treasures via an email sent to sales@blindtreasures.com or by calling 804.726.8900 This is a private list in which you must be approved to join by sending an email to TreasureScroll+subscribe@groups.io. You will receive a welcome email when approved.

Where do you get your Treasures?

My knights and I have spent numerous hours searching the lands for liquidators and wholesale suppliers that will work with us. The majority of the wholesale suppliers do not want to deal with small companies that can only purchase one or two items at a time. This is to much work for them. Much easier to just drop a whole case or ship a pallet. However, We've managed to locate a few suppliers that will work with us anyway. Call it sympathy, or just down right kindness, on their part. Whatever you want but we appreciate it!

What sort of treasures do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of products which change on a daily basis. The Treasure Scroll is filled with goodies from the following categories: kitchen accessories, housewares, home decors, toys, electronics, tools, apparel, jewelry, Educational, Kid's Items, collectibles, novelty items, and even Occasionally, Snack foods .

How do you know what your suppliers have to offer?

Products vary from supplier to supplier but usually we get notified of new items on a daily basis. We then offer these treasures to our customers and take orders accordantly.

Do you stock any of your own Treasures?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to stock everything we sell. Only the most popular treasures are stocked here in the castle.

How will I know if I will get the item I ordered?

You will receive a royal Conformation email notifying you that we received your order, followed up with a Cancelation notice if the item is no longer available. If we don't stock the product, we must first check with the supplier to ensure the item has not sold out, so it is essential to place your orders ASAP! Please allow 24 hours for your confirmation email as even the King needs a break sometimes!

What happens when my treasures are on back order?

Very good question! Occasionally, our suppliers sell out of popular items very quickly. In this event, the item is then placed on back order. Blind Treasures will notify you regarding the back order status. You will need to choose from one of the following options.

1. Wait for your item to become available again.
2. Cancel the back ordered item.

Can my treasures be dropped ship from your suppliers?

We do not drop ship due to the fact that each shipment would incur a separate shipping cost. As we purchase from several different suppliers, we strive to save our customers money by having our suppliers ship us the items directly. Then, we sort, combine, repack your treasures in one box and ship them out. Smile, more work for the King, but it saves our customers money, and that is what is important to us.

Are your prices better than the retail stores?

WE offer you the best price that we can, and most of the time we are competitive with other retailers. When we can't achieve this goal, we make it a point to offer you benefits to balance out the difference, such as brailling each item for easy Identification.

What benefits do you offer that I can't get from other Retailers?

I was hoping you would ask!

1. We allow you to select from our list of treasures and have them held until time of shipping. We do not charge you for each and every item at time of purchase. See if other retailers will do that for you!
2. By request, we will hold over your order, one shipping period, if you feel your order is too small to ship out. Try this one with another retailer! 3. Under certain circumstances, if you're in good standing with us, we will allow you to carry a balance with no interest attached!! Other retailers would laugh at you! LOL, maybe they would laugh at me for doing this one!
4. We are always available for you to contact us. You don't have to speak with some customer service representative who has no clue as to whatís going on!!
5. We run an weekend auction, only available to our scroll members!<
6. We often throw in a free treasure when packing up your order.

Can I cancel my order?

If you are courageous enough to endure the King's wrath, then by all means try canceling your order. LOL!! Unless an emergency arises, we Ask that you donít order treasures that you are not 100% certain that you will take possession of. As we place our orders with our suppliers based upon your selections, your cancellations tie up not only the royal funds, but also tie up our limited storage space designated for inventory. This makes it rough for all of us as we must try to re sell the canceled items before we can purchase new treasures to offer our other customers.

What can I expect if I cancel my order?

Blind Treasures cancellation policy requires that we charge a 10% restocking fee on each canceled item. You will be unable to place any additional orders until that fee is paid. We dislike doing this but we have to protect ourselves in some fashion as we are a business and have expenses that must be met. Habitual cancellations may result in removal from the Treasure Scroll list.

What is your shipping policy?

Blind Treasures ships on a bi-monthly basis-- the 1st and the 15th . If we have to postpone shipments, all customers are notified via the Treasure Scroll. If you need your order shipped out sooner, just let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.
Blind Treasures ships via UPS and USPS. When your treasures are shipped out, you will receive an email from the carrier with your tracking or confirmation number.

Why do you only ship twice a month?

We ship twice a month to save you money! It is much cheaper to ship a large box than to ship several individual boxes.

Can I have my order postponed to the next shipping period?

If your order is too small to make the shipping cost worth wile, we will happily hold your treasures until the next scheduled ship date. Please note-- we will allow orders to be held over only one time per month. All postponement request must be made in writing prior to the scheduled ship date.

How do I place an order with you?

It's very easy to place an order with Blind Treasures. Choose your preference below:
Send an email to sales@blindtreasures.com. Please include the name and price of each item being ordered. It is not necessary to send the item description.

Call us at 804.726.8900 between 8:00AM -- 5:00Pm eastern standard time.
To prevent any discrepancies, please maintain your own list of all items ordered.

How do I return an item?

If you are dissatisfied with an item in which you have purchased from Blind Treasures, you will need to request a RMA number in order to return the product. All returns must be completed within 14 days of delivery. The item must be returned in the same new condition, in original packaging, and with all paperwork, parts and accessories to ensure full credit.

After inspection of the returned item, a store credit will be applied to your account. Sorry, no refunds! Customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

What about a defected item?

Please inspect ALL shipments promptly upon delivery. A replacement item or a store credit will be issued for any item returned with a manufacturers defect. If you believe a product to be defective, Please contact Blind Treasures immediately. When your return is received, we will inspect your product and send a replacement or issue a store credit. If your product is found not to be defective, the restocking fee will apply. Note: All defective returns must be made within 14 days.

How are lost or damaged packages handled?

Blind Treasures is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. We will assist you with filing claims with the shipping company. We certainly will do everything on our part to ensure that you are reimbursed . All packages shipped UPS are insured up to the first $100.00. If you require additional insurance, please let us know.

Will I get an invoice from you?

You will receive an itemized invoice via email at time of shipment. Paper copies will be sent by request only.

What type of payments do you except?

Blind Treasures accepts paypal and most major credit cards:

master card
A $0.50 fee is charged for all cards which are declined upon processing.
When sending funds via paypal, please send payment to:
blindtreasures@comcast.net or sales@blindtreasures.com

How do we contact you if we have additional questions?

Send an email to:



Between 8:00AM -- 5:00PM ESTT, Monday through Friday.