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Love the excitement of an auction? Like to win? Want to be able to decide what an item is worth to you?
Then welcome to Kings Korner!

The King will be hand selecting his favorite treasures to auction off to the highest bidder! Who knows what might show up on the auction block!

The King could choose a beautiful piece of gold or silver jewelry, an electronic gadget, kitchenwares, Housewares, or even an antique or collectible! The only way for you to know is to show up here at the Kings Korner, and find out for yourself!

The rules are simple:

1. Auctions will occur on selective Saturday's or Sunday's to be announced on the King's Korner mailing list.

2. The auction will run for approximately three hours, but is subject to change.

3. Bidding will start on the hour and half hour. Thus, will last 30 minutes each!

4. All bids must be emailed to:
Please place The word "Bid" in the subject line and your bid price in the body of the message.

5. Multiple bids are permitted throughout the 30 minute auction.
(Bids will not be excepted after the auction ends)

6. The high bid will be announced at various times throughout the auction. These bid updates will allow you to increase your bid when necessary.

7. Each auction will end after 30 minutes and the high bidder wins!

8. Occasionally, we will post buy it now bargains . These items can be purchased by sending an email to:
Please place "Buy It Now" in the subject line and the name of the item in the body of the message.

9. We will also auction off some previously loved treasures, which are guaranteed to be in good working order.

10. Winners are required to pay shipping cost, and multiple winnings can be combined.
If you have a Treasure Scroll order, auction items will be included to save you shipping cost.

12. The rules are subject to change without notice!

Now, All that's left is to join the King's Korner auction list!

To be a part of the fun, subscribe to King's Korner by sending an email to: